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New Arch Studio or noticeably abridged as NAS is a start-up of young and enterprising Neha Chopra, an Architect and gifted Interior Designer. NAS is a one-stop destination, which offers complete architecture and interior solutions, and promises a class and classic feel, making one’s dome creatively different from the rest.

At NAS they unequivocally promote that “Everything we Build, Ends Up Building Us”. Analysing the dynamics of the market, NAS is one of the leading specialist theme developers in India. The team of professionals takes utmost meticulousness in crafting intricate and customised themes that will get the eyeballs rolling and jaws dropping. Achieving a sense of complete contentment in making dreams whirling into reality. Thus, aptly conforming to their tagline of Designing Dreams for Tomorrow's Heritage.

NAS truly believes in going the extra mile for its clientele that they would fall in love at first sight with their personally designed spaces for the rest of their lives.

NAS is a fast growing organisation with a solid foundation of good quality & service, providing its clients best value for money and in the trust, they have invested. It manoeuvres effective design methodology and single point accountability for its any house or business related project. Further, offering matchless flexibility and project clarity with certainty that its clients exhibit complete long lasting loyalty.

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Glass House

About Neha Chopra


"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world"

“Women making waves in a male-dominated profession that of architecture", it isn’t a sexist comment anymore but a reality. Neha Chopra, a young professional architect, who is a breath of fresh air and through a convincing fusion of hard work, the boldness of vision and a strong dose of the charm is living her passion of architecture and interior designing. She further adds “When women are responsible for making a house a home then why can’t they structure the brick and mortar into a building. They are intelligent, calculative and creative and these qualities are the requisites for attaining new heights”.

Neha is 27 and hails from the city, which is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, Agra. When she was half her age roughly 14, she took a spirited initiative of designing the interiors of her room. This action spellbound her close ones, and she took a formal education primarily a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Designing and after that in Architecture.

However, all this while she is inspired by none other than renowned and Late Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, a British-Iraqi architect. Talking about her credentials, in her seven years of professional experience she has worked as an architect for an international brand like KidZania and completed projects for esteemed clients like LSC Infrastructure Ltd, Modern School, Radico Khaitan Pvt. Ltd, A Class Marble, GlamOGlitZ Inc, The Hindustan Advertising, and much more. Her start-up, New Arch Studio a.k.a. NAS is a fast growing architectural and interior designing firm and lives the caption of Designing Dreamz for Tomorrows Heritage.

Women are a power of substance; this is what she believes. In her organisation NAS, she has given employment to 66% creative professionals who are females. She is empowered and making all consistent efforts in empowering women, as for her every field and society will win if it is equally women driven. Neha says with the maxim of “Action should be given importance in life and not fate because the action is in our control, but fate is not”.

Neha Chopra
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